First Companies Sign Up for New Services

Posted by: Amiee Category: ASCE2 Date: Thursday, July 5, 2012

The North West Aerospace Alliance has signed up the first companies to the new services offered through the Shared Services Centre.

The NWDA & ERDF funded Shared Services project is a landmark programme run in partnership with Chamber Plus which is designed to help members drive down everyday costs.

NWAA members work together to improve competitiveness by pooling their purchasing power in order to secure better deals on everything from tangible items such as utilities, stationery and fuel to strategic services such as quality and environmental expertise.

Whitwam Precision Components have signed up to the recently launched Deliver Plus courier service. The Trawden based firm who provide high precision CNC machined components to a range of aerospace companies within the UK, were keen to engage with the project and the new services.

Managing Director, Matthew Whitwam said: “The opportunity to link up with the NWAA Shared Services project has enabled the company to significantly reduce its business costs, allowing us to focus our efforts on direct costs rather than indirect costs.  This has helped make our business more competitive both within the aerospace supply chain but also within the wider market place.”

Paul George, Business Development Manager for Chamber Plus said: “We are delighted that Whitwam Precision Components have taken up the courier transport service and more importantly we are excited about the prospect of seeing how this service can benefit other member companies.”

Addison Engineering have been active members of the NWAA for many years and involved themselves in many projects and programmes during this time. The Blackpool based company supply quality machined components, assemblies and kits through many industry sectors. Current end users include Airbus, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Euro-Copter. They are currently looking into the utilities, fuel and transport services.

Finance Manager, Michael Addison, explained; “In the current economic climate, we find that our customers are continually looking for cost reductions, whilst at the same time our raw materials supplier’s costs/overheads are increasing; we find ourselves being squeezed from both ends. Trying to maintain margins is increasingly difficult.”

“The NWAA Shared Services Project in partnership with procurement experts Chamber Plus provides us with the opportunity to explore real cost savings to maintain our competitiveness within the engineering sector.”

He added; “I am sure that as the project services expand our involvement will increase.”

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NWAA at Farnborough 2012

Posted by: Amiee Category: Farnborough Airshow,NWAA news Date: Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The North West Aerospace Alliance sees Farnborough as an ideal showcase for ambitious supply chain companies to demonstrate capability.

Martin Wright, CEO of the NWAA, says it is vital for the region to have such a substantial presence at the event: “Farnborough is one of the most important dates on the international aerospace calendar and it is crucial for the North West to have a presence. It is a real opportunity for our members to showcase the work being done in the region, and for the NWAA to profile its own industry-leading programmes.

“Our companies can assess their competition, see developments in the industry, and arrange meetings with suppliers and customers as well as getting an insight into the emerging technologies of the industry. It’s an extremely efficient way to access the industry in one go.

“The design of the stand is the key. We have always believed that the stand has to be open, to invite visitors in and to provide a range of meeting space to suit our members, from formal, private facilities to informal spaces.

“This year we hope Farnborough will show that the UK industry has survived the downturn in the economy and is emerging stronger to face the considerable challenges that lie ahead.”

The NWAA’s stand will feature 26 exhibitors from the North West including Manchester based Morson Projects and A & G Precision in Burnley.

A number of aerospace sector businesses from elsewhere in the UK have also taken space on the group’s stand, including [Berkshires 3TRPD and SGS Carbide Tools and COREX- Honeycomb (Encocam) of Cambridgeshire.

The NWAA stand is by far the largest of the regional aerospace organisation and will be flying the flag for the region within 450m2 of space.

The NWAA says that the industry continues to emergence from the economic downturn which impacted in particular the business jet market and which is now showing signs of recovery, yet still counterbalanced by the impact of defence cuts in many Western nations.

The growth in air transport in the emerging markets of the Far East is fuelling the demand for new aircraft and a key focus will be on greener engines and increased fuel efficiency technologies.

The alliance sees the event is an ideal showcase for ambitious supply chain companies to demonstrate capability. With shipping costs increasing because of increased energy costs, traditional manufacturing companies in the UK are becoming more competitive with low cost economies and there is an increasing trend towards investment in automation to counter the labour cost differentiation argument. Major shows like Farnborough offer SMEs an unrivalled and efficient way of seeing the future, assessing from where competition is emerging as well as opportunities to meet major customers and suppliers in one place.

The NWAA is one organisation along with the Midlands, which has retained significant commitment in terms of space to support participating regional companies.

From a military perspective, the potential for supply chain exports to India is currently of great interest to the North West region given the force of the impact of the defence cuts on the industry in recent years.

Autonomous systems have been a growing part of the show for some years and the interest in civilian applications is growing. The North West is a region that has invested significantly in the UK’s demonstrator UAV programmes such as ASTRAEA and the technologies associated with UAVs present opportunities to develop new science-based supply chains.

The full list of exhibitors taking space on the NWAA stand, Hall 1, Stands D9, 10, 11& 14 is:

  • 3T RPD Ltd
  • A & G Precision and Sons Ltd
  • CGTech Ltd
  •  CML Group Ltd
  • COREX-Honeycomb (Encocam)
  • Dassault Systems UK Ltd
  • Didsbury Engineering Co Ltd
  • Electroimpact UK Ltd
  • Emhart Teknologies
  • Euravia Engineering & Supply Co Ltd
  • Forcam UK Ltd
  • Group Rhodes
  • Hurst Green Plastics Ltd
  • Hyde Aero Products Ltd
  • Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster
  • JF Faber
  • Kilgour Industries
  • Lancashire Economic Partnership
  • MB Aerospace Holdings Ltd
  • Morson Projects Ltd
  • Regal Precision Engineers Limited
  • Rolled Alloys
  • SCH Services Ltd
  • SGS Carbide Tool (UK) Ltd
  • Sigmatex
  • Silcoms
  • Surface Technologies
  • T & R Precision
  • The Waterjet Group
  • TT Electronic Technology Ltd
  • Virtual Human Resources

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Plane Talk – Farnborough Special

Posted by: Amiee Category: Newsletter,NWAA news Date: Monday, July 2, 2012

The latest edition of Plane Tak, the quarterly newsletter of the NWAA, will be out on Friday.

It features all the news from the NWAA, our member companies and news from the region.

This edition is a Farnborough airshow special and will be circulated at the exhibition from 9th-15th July 2012.

E-copies are available to download here.


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Martin Wright interviewed at MACH 2012

Posted by: Amiee Category: NWAA news Date: Monday, June 25, 2012

Martin Wright discusses the development, sustainability and evolution of advanced engineering supply chains, clusters and companies during a speaker interview at MACH 2012.



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Nominations for the North West Best Aerospace/Defence Apprentice now open!

Posted by: Amiee Category: ASCE2,New Talent Awards Date: Friday, June 15, 2012

The North West Best Aerospace / Defence Apprentice award recognises the achievements made by young people working in aerospace in the North West. The award is comprised of two categories, less than 500 employees and more than 500 employees.

The competition is open to all final year apprentices working in aerospace/defence in the North West.  The closing date for nominations is Friday 14th September 2012.

Candidates must submit two test pieces which demonstrate a skill or topic they have learned about during their apprenticeship. Work completed as part of the candidate’s apprenticeship is eligible. Test pieces will be pre-judged at the NWAA office, Preston, and must be received there no later than Friday 28th September 2012. If the test piece cannot be released from the candidate’s place of work, on-site pre-judging can be arranged. Details of the candidate’s test piece must be outlined in the nomination form.

All candidates will be invited for interview with the judging panel at the NWAA office, Preston, on dates to be confirmed. Candidates who have had their test pieces pre-judged on site must bring a piece of work related to that test piece to the interview, for example in the form of a poster or PowerPoint presentation.

A prize will also be awarded to the training provider that takes the best approach to marketing, administration and preparation of candidates for the North West Best Aerospace / Defence Apprentice Award.

Training providers wishing to be considered for the prize need to complete the ‘Training Provider Prize nomination form’ and send to by Friday 28th September 2012.

To download nomination forms & guidelines, please click here

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